Design Thinking Club is a place where people are becoming Design Thinkers. We find and develop our creativity skills, share our experience, mix our classical, academical and logical knowledge with curiosity and freedom of creativity.

We were found by a group of Hult International Business School  MBA students in 2010, but now we have grown and became a platform for Design Thinkers all around the world, with different backgrounds and interests.

What do we do? We think, solve problems, create strategies,  we observe the world from different points of view.

What do we want? To become MADB (Masters of Art-Direction in Business)© and make our work outstanding.

Who we are? We are from different countries, we have different backgrounds, including marketing & financial advisors, projects managers, IT professionals, etc.

What is our vision? Imagine cars  that  are moving in tunnels. With time these tunnels become old, dirty and nontransparent, and cars don’t to see anymore where they are moving. Also, they don’t understand the real direction of their movement. Same with companies, especially old and successful in past – they are putting layers of paint inside their tunnel in order to make it look fresh and more competitive.  Companies follow each other in tunnels, thus creating trends, but  because they are all doing the same thing, their direction (or direction of tunnels) becomes neither original, nor effective.

We are striving to find the exit out of tunnel and look on movement not from the inside, but from the outside, and analyzing the best trajectory by which a company should   move. And based on that giving recommendations, ideas and solutions.

We believe in Blue Oceans and Red Oceans, but we like the Blue ones more. We use Porter’s 5 forces and believe in gut feeling and power of  subconscious mind.We hate formalities and bureaucratic approach to work and think that they kill effectiveness and fun. We think that happy people are more smart and successful.